Enslaved prey purified by flames
as shadows of beasts and creatures descend
twisting serpents spectres rise
out of burnt offerings ablaze
infernal merciless praise
for the hunger gods bestial demands
morbid high priest redeemed
reciting the rites of astral accursed
mutilation of flesh desolated
kindred works unleashed
impaled skinned corpses erected
monoliths to bloodthirsty divinity

Sacrificial spilling of blood
as it flows along the solar stone
primitive practices - cruel faith
ceremonial dagger of stones strikes
torn hearts out of immolated children
for wisdom and abundance
pouring rain has fell
inflicting down thunder and strenght
ancestral primordial
for souls of perpetual fire
doomed flesh of broken spirits
taste the fierce flames of purification

Piled victims skulls
onto the racks of the temple of the sun
pyramids glisten endarkened
dried out immense stains of blood

Mutilation purify it's spirit
to become one at the skies