Eyes of Eternal Scourge

Coiled beast - devoured in wait
dweller of the pits of the earth
banished from grace - king of nightmares realm
effigy of perpetuation
extensions of vicious natural joy
spawn of primordial seeds
redeemed of preys see me coilin
mortal twisting of doom
crawling rattle deadly sting
innocent flesh slain
see me coilin plagued venom bearer
as pervades your dreams
raised before the dawn of light
as I vomit between your eyes
foretold of morning stars
thru path of damnation I crawl


Blackened existance - emplagued fertility
underworld creature
thru the falling of shadows of all dawns
I shall rise

Temples of pain and bloody redemption
divine creation envenomed
worshipped by the whore of Jehova's god
I'm the beginning and the end
hateful guardian of the treasures of the earth
tombs I desecrate
surrounding shadows eternal rebirth
before existence of men
from abyssal seas to deserts undwelled
bellow sands of death
ominous eyes creature unbound
visions of eternal scourge
all things all disgust
as I carry it's ancestral curse
erected bold I stand
if I die I shall be born again

(repeat chorus)