Tell Me Why

now why you gotta cramp my style
you keep fuckin with my high and im about to get wild
now why you gotta harrass the pot leaders
harrass the people at expired parkin meters
why you gotta pull me over as if i was that dude in the stolen Nova
now why you gotta badge on your chest
stay gun on your hip and that bullet proof vest
now why you gotta act like you save your people
you front that you care just so we can feel equal
now why you gotta read me my rights
would you read em to your wife fuck no jesus christ
now why you gotta hand cuff me tight
in the middle of the night treat me like a murder type
now why you gotta gotta gotta nuttin
gotta get outta my face bitch i know you like donkeys

tell me why you wanna fuck with me
just because im a Kottonmouth King
i got no time for negativity
so tell me why it;s always you against me

to the men women and children that
are catchin the feelin, of what i??m dealin??
what is delt is felt helpin to melt, the laws
that bother like some flowin liquefying lava, we
quickly makin it hotter listen up and try to
follow, now why you gotta pull me over in
my van, give a ticket for a gram end up
costin bout a grand, and why you gotta
slow the fuck out of your roll, i know i??m
not speedin i??m in cruise control, so now
you gotta find another reason why, you can
start flashin your lights start to violate
my rights, i know your out there let me say
your not alone, pigs bustin in your home
guns drawn to your dome, why do you gotta
have a chip on your shoulder, past all
field test i said i was sober, i thought
i told ya don??t try to pull this on me,
i know between procedure and police brutality,
so tell me why do you insult me and claim
stupidity, why you think your smarter cause your
GED, I get high and fly I dont?? drink and drive,
and you fuckin with my flight so I gotta ask why

tell me why you wanna fuck with me
just because im a Kottonmouth King
i got no time for negativity
so tell me why it;s always you against me

now everytime i turn the corner cop is all up in my business
always tryin to plant shit, let me get a witness
its gettin serious and funny to me
another day another ticket takin money from me
now they tried to pull us over cuz we bangin the bus
the fish, johnny richter myself and the judge
who can you trust when the world??s corrupt
its not that crooked ass cop that put my ass in the cuffs

now why the hell he always stressin out my people
they said protect and serve yet they never treat us equal
all around the nation people striving to be equal another uprising they dont wanna see the sequel
why you think you dont need no inviation to rustle through my house its a fucked up situation
tearing up my pad searching for the cultivation justify the action through your racist legislation

don??t think i can??t remember ever slippin
in some shit, winding up behind some bars
with purple rings around my wrists, havin
to wait 10 hours just to take a fuckin
piss, when your name is just a number
as a person you don??t exist, when you
realize that no one really gives a fuck
when you finally realize when you start
to get back up, to many people
i know for bullshit have got locked up, to
many times i asked why so now i gotta
say what