i know you so well
i could make you from scratch
my precious little puppet
with no strings attached
i like the way you dance around
and sing back to me
i'll take you back to virginia
for all my people to see

i just want to play what you want me to
i just want to say what you want me to

oh, take me. take me back
take me back to virginia,
take me back i want to go back for good

open a window put the dog at the foot of my bed
sleep to the music of the ice cream man
and rest my head
if i wake up on the right side
i'll sit at my window and play
a song for my people from yesterday


it's been seven years since i've seen you shine
and i see you when i'm sleeping
and i know i'm not lost as long as my lines are true
i just want to get back to you

i can still tell what it really means to be
dancing to the music
as she sings out to me
smiling and laughing as the people dance my soul
take me back to virginia
from so long ago