what have i done to get you down?
has my heartache turned your smile around?
Ôround, Ôround, down, gone
look up halo.
size me up now before i'm dead
believe what you see,
burn what you've read
maybe, baby, when i'm gone
look up halo

halo, she's got a smile for me. halo.
halo, who knows what she sees. halo.

i'm as perfect as the man next door
borrow sugar when i ain't got no more
sugarbaby, sugar's low
look up, halo
i love you girl 'til my face turns blue
but, i don't have to hold my breath for you
my breath to have, my breath to hold
come on, halo


she's the kind that shines
everything's in her hands

carry me to higher ground rise up, rise up
staring down on what i've found
well, i think i've found a smile for me
for me the smile until i see
what it is she see's in me say me,
my oh, my in her eyes i'm loving her constantly
around, down, down
drop me off, oh set me down yeah, baby
look up, come on, look up
things are looking up for me
size me up so that you might see
that baby, maybe
for me and you. you and me. halo
she's got a smile for me,
oh halo