(Music:Hallman & Terror)


Battle Of the ages,good and evil waging war for mankind's soul
Centuries,Milleniums,spent in futile struggle for the prize and the reward already given to the demon the oppressor
Vanguish the resustant,subjugate.Victimize the meek and the mild
Unholy power reign supreme.Ruling all,fist of fear,a mighty weapon to be wielded
Sparing none,who dare oppose,redemption is the trademark of a goodamn fool

Overlord - Still you fight though the cause is lost,hail the victor master of this earth
Overlord - The weak of mind owe no debt,fables of salvation are stories of the past

Electronic prophets,so called righteous virtue's their disguise
Intentions,camouflaged,they weave their clever tales of myth and swear by
all that's holy that they speak the gospel truth they're lying bastards
Dominate the destitute,circumvent.Persecute the conscience of the masses
Helplessly the feeble follow
Call it right,it's really wrong,answer to the dark one in the end
Secretly,blasphemy ,testimony proving good will not always prevail

Overlord - Betrayed by those you called your own,gleam of silver negates loyalty
Overlord - Blackness spreading across the land,countless graves cry out and curse your name


Death advances shouting kill destroy,slaves surrender fearing blood shall flow
Faith disappears from the bravest of heroes when death's icy grip holds their life in it's grasp
Marching defiant the legions bear witness to stand against evil means you stand alone!