Rest In F?ces

(music - Sean McGrath)
(lyrics - Ross Sewage)

A decrepit necropolis, abused and ignored
Once hallowed monuments disintegrate with neglect
Pillaged crypts littered with detiritus on the floor
This final resting place, a dillapidated wreck

As municipal funding began to ebb
The caretaker's keep was left deserted
Mausoleums suffering dust and cobwebs
The lustre of stone epitaphs were bled... rest in f?ces

Arboreal extremities left to grow unattended
Rooted through loam, exfodiating excre-ducts
Innundated with swill, bulging and distended
Oxidised pipes, from a sodden womb, were plucked

A fusty cargo of human excreta
Impacted pipes caused the flow to reverse
Upon the cemetary, litres of diarrh_a
As the leaden veins burst... rest in f?ces

A tsunami of ordure saturated the hallowed soil
Corpulent ballast disinterred coffins, amongst the manure, embroiled

As rectal mung flows
Cadavers exposed
Tombstones in pieces
Resting in f?ces
Carcass and sewage
A copro-barrage
It never ceases
Resting in f?ces

All manner of spilth were disgorged from the ground
Corpses, awash in night soil, were from their peace unbound
The torrent of cess eroded each memorial plaque
Incompetent care of the city of the dead has been brought to task

(solo: "Bring Out The Dead" by S.C. McGrath)

Enervated... concrete pillars crumbled
Inculpated... supervision bumbled
Conspurcated... overrun by ordure
Festulated... such a nasty odour

Exhumed bodies floated in the stool
The graveyard, an over-sized jardin
This memorial park, run by a fool
For the necropolis, this is the end

(solo: "A Teminal Case" by S.C. McGrath)
(solo: "The Horror..." by A.S. LaBarre)