Immaculate Defecation

(Music - Leon del Muerte and Sean McGrath)
(Lyrics - Leon del Muerte and Sean McGrath)

The colon explodes with diarrheal sepsis,
Anal leakage ecstactically shed,
A stenching mass of post bolal rot,
corn laced reeking ano-gastric snot,
Your skivvies besmirched with fetid mung,
Liquid viscous, peanut dotted dung,
Your rectum protrudes from its now swollen rim,
Your diapers are filled to the brim.
Virgophrenic ass,
through which the sludge is passed,
colypeptic chyme,
It always hurts the first time

Defecate... Remove the dregs

Terminal colorrhagia,
with an afterbirth of chyle,
saponaceous foam,
to you lips bring a smile

(Solo: "Manual Deinstallation of Ordure from Partially Decrepit Bungs"
by L. d. Muerte)

Table manners lacking in grace,
your fingers used to stuff your face,
your breech still emitting rancorous poo,
pour another bowl of butthole stew,

Your anus wiped clean with antiseptic pads,
Depuration of fecal clots,
Powdered with talc, your bilge takes on a pallor,
Decreptitation, a sickening false alarm,
Digested pablum disposed of with haste,
Bursting at the seams, a bag full of waste,
Decontaminated, to try and make amends,
You're bound to fill your trousers... again!