We Will Fall

Oh gi ran ja ran ja ja ran....

I'll hold myself tight
I won't fight, I won't fight
Then I whisper to me
Then I whisper to me
Then I 'll lay right down
and I 'll lay right down
on my back
on my bed
in my hotel
and I'll be in love

Well, all night, all night
and in the mornin' I'll be ready
To see you, to see you
Don't forget to come
Room 121
Don't forget to come
I'll be shakin' I'll be tremblin'
I'll be happy, I'll be weak
And lI'll love you, and lI'll love you
And we'll fall to sleep
We'll fall to sleep
Six o'clock, dong, dong
real far, real far
good-bye, good-bye, good-bye