Lost Dreams


It's always deep in my mind
It only happens in my imagination
So tell me how could it be
Well, I've been waiting to see my destination

So tell me is it for real
Is everything that I feel, a fascination
Why don't you give me a sign
Somebody throw me a line, to my salvation

They never heard you
They never came
I don't know what it means
They never call you
It's such a shame
But it's not what it seems
They never hear you
They are the lost dreams

If you will seek, you will find
How come the sun never shines
Inside the blue room
Feel like I've been running blind
Sometimes I break down and cry
Out in the gray gloom

Maybe it's just fantasy
You know you gotta believe
Is all that matters
You gotta give to receive
Or else you find that your life is torn
And shattered