Respect My Mind

[Lil' Wayne]
Check, check
Head buster, set ripper
Neighborhood superstar
Corner splitter
While we dispose of
Nigga broad hitter
Hot Boys soldier
Expedition flipper, hell
Niggas be terrified from us 'cause they know how we play
Them niggas hide from us or catch 3 from a K
I'm just a scrub, I can't scuff; I'm too light to fight
I'm lil' too thin to win so I ride at night
You're fake, respect, nigga
You're playin' with the wrong one
I'll break your neck, nigga
You're playin' with the wrong gun
I use K's to wet niggas
I'm sprayin' the whole room
Better watch your back, nigga
Lil' one, that's a wrap
March nigga step up when I.. I bust a cap
Niggas drop like (whistle) splat
Keep jokin' here, and I'm gon' show you what I'm 'bout
Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out

[Lil' Wayne]
Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out
Respect my mind or have them boys in your house
Respect my mind, look, we be ridin' on chrome
Respect my mind 'cause we get our shine on
[Lil' Wayne]
Respect my mind 'cause we that Hot Boy clique
Respect my mind, nigga, you can't phase this
Respect my mind, look, we'll fuck your bitch
Respect my mind, look, we 'bout that gangsta shit

Nigga, watch me grow up
When I was small he had plan
My daddy was ballin', and he was the right-hand man
My poppa bought us a house to keep our family secure
Livin' good on a ranch in the middle of the woods
I understood at a young age my poppa would spray
Seen him slit a nigga throat and shoot one up in the face
He'd be murder case after case: he was untouchable
But he had a right-hand man that wasn't trustable
Who undercover slow he made deals under the table
Workin' for the Feds 'round my people wearin' a cable
My daddy got busted, so he got left with the dope
All our shit got repossessed, and our family was flat broke
Moved back inside the projects in summer of '84
Developed my hustlin' skills from Yomey and Black Zo
When I got to the point that I wasn't small no more
Hooked up the same nigga that handled my daddy dough
I know that he sheisty; but this nigga just don't know
Swear to God I ain't 'bout it; but this nigga just don't know
I got a few under my belt and I'ma make it one more
Cock the 4-4 and knock his brains out on the floor
Respect my mind


Me, Wayne, Turk, and Juvenile gettin' blunted
In Fresh pearl-white Suburb 1500
No stun'n, countin' 100 thou', nigga fronted a brick
He should have knew Hot Boys wasn't bringin' back shit
That's how the game go, and that's how the game get played
Head buster, for sure, sweat no hoes, haters get sprayed
All week long, look, I'm a nigga on the grind
All year round I make you niggas respect my mind
Every single day it's a must I tote that fuckin' iron
Disconnect your spine, leave you funky or paralyzed
I blues blocks to bust heads
I use glocks and play hotels to the Feds
Niggas know I ain't the one to be repped on
Move when I'm comin' through, or you get stepped on
I don't give a motherfuck if you got your vest on
I'm shootin' through that, thought you knew that
That's how B.Geezy do that
I ride dirty, and when I ride you die
All the time you bitch-niggas gon' respect my mind


Nigga, respect my mind
Can't, then stay your distance
Kill realahs like that, nigga, you come up missin'
I soak your spot when you're repping on me
Get hit with shots when you're hatin' on me
What's happenin', wodie
Do you think you ready for us
Disrespect our mind, fuckin' over you is a must
Come through your cut
Nigga, it's over, don't spook now
'Cause when you was talkin' 'bout us it was all good, ha
Nigga. fuck all that; I ain't gon' talk, I'ma save it
Original H.B., nigga, I ride Mercedes
A young rich nigga, my whole team playin' with figures
Wear soldiers and 'Bauds, and gettin' richer and richer
I got stacks of money, and fuckin' plenty hoes
Nigga, respect my mind or I'll knock off your nose

(Chorus 2x)

[Lil' Wayne]
Respect my mind