Life In Stone

Silouettes of evil lives
Have cursed my mind with lies
Evil men with evil minds controlling time in time
An urchants net of fear has swollen gills of bloody moles
It's power in the money made selling every feeling saved
You call it liberation, makin' rules to fit your needs
You make your own religion
Filled politics and greed
Your money makes a net
A fiery web to hold you cold
Levels of distortion split your neck and rot your soul
Injections of rust
Trusting only me, I want to let my mind burn to coal
Unwanted for love, unwanted landmines
Write my broken life in stone
Release you of your pain
You breed my anger everyday
Dress the wound, give time to heal
The price you have to pay
Fallout covers land like snow
Your hands are in the soil
Grasp a root, pull up a tower
Clouds of smoke breathe acid rain...shit
Grade the mountains, open up the sky
Dress the wound, and cover up a lie
Write my book, in broken stone