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Cancer - Title Of Record - Filter - Lyrics -


I cross the oceans
I cross the seas
I cross the mountains
Like a new disease
I cross the borders
I cross the line
Never to see the light
Til the end of time
I've seen the canyons
I've seen the cities
I've seen the prisons
That take such pity
When it comes to you
When it comes to me
it's just money that will set you free

hey my children, what seems important
Won't last forever
Hey my children,what seems important
Won't last forever

Take a look at the Earth
From a plane
You'll see the earth
Cut up and in pain
Take a look at L.A.
From the sky
What you see
Should make you cry


I'm the scum of the Earth
I am a cancer
I am humanity

Chorus (x2)