Sometimes I'm seen as cold inside
Security bound and cold sharp eyes
Come to the other side
See the one that all of them don't know

I got tons of faith and a passion play
Loner of the Zodiac they say
I don't ride the wind
I know where I am each day

Let's see the other side
See the world outside - this time

Cut down the walls, look deep inside
Showing the storm tasting the light in my eyes

Capricorn must feel the self sufficient touch
We call it taking hold of life we don't call this luck
Scatter through the maze, make sense of it all
Capricorn will be the last one to fall
In this life...

I'm the Capricorn, the Capricorn

I can hear the cries of all those who've failed
They sit around and tell their insufficient tales
I can be the one to watch the cloud roll in
And this life to pray for sun and listen to your sins
In this life...

I'm the Capricorn, the Capricorn

Saturn tells me who I hear and who I will see
I'm the goat, the Capricorn, now get out of me!

To the other side...