The Edge Part III (Existence Chapter 1,000,009)

Imagine the scene of a world far away
And we are completely unobtrusive
A victim of a man, with hope in his hands
Reaching for the stars
(A feeling gone)
Fate has another life to take

And here in a place of wonders
Never really all alone
Happy just to be a number
Somewhere in our world on the edge!

It's like I've heard a thousand times before
By the ones who always chose to ignore me then!
Play all the games and fear all the laws
That's what gives the people their meaning, they said

And here in a lifeless wonder
Creating endless legacies
Everyone pull out their numbers
Wait in line on the back of the edge!

I wake up every morning, watch the news on TV
I'm numb to all the lies everyone believes
I do the same things other numbers do
I see the same old faces and
(There you are again!)
Fate has another life to take
And fear has another soul to break

And here in my world of numbers
Embracing long gone memories
Waiting to be sucked under
Sitting silently on the edge!

I've never been one much to complain
I looked into the mirror
(And there I was again!)
Same old faces always seen before
Like a million stranded others, I don't know him anymore

And here in the world of thunder
Striving only to believe
Remaining silent for no longer
Screaming from my mountain on the edge!