The Edge (Introduction)

We'd like to take you to a place so far from here
A lesson in lost and shattered men

Welcome to the story of their solemn fears
Spare all the innocence you can

Here in this world of lost misery
A bit of faith isn't that what you said

Sometimes they face endless futility
All of them have lived on the edge

Here we stand...It's a long way down
Lives in hand...Can you see the end
Ours to take...Find a reason
Ours to waste...Before you make the call

All Alone...It's a long way home
Free to go...Are you really free?
Revenge is sweet...Sickeningly so
Best served cold...What are you thinking

Are you saying that all you had means nothing?
If that's your sight now then you will be here forever...

The sting of hatred is all too real to you
A face in time is all you know

A world shut out unable to rescue you
A final plea begging for your soul

As you leave to carry out your final masquerade
It becomes so clear this darkness in your head

A pawn in the game of humanity
Another lost soul crying from the edge

Where is home?...It's a long way down
Where is me?...On the edge of life
Reflections of...I'll take the time
Broken dreams...To help you understand

Lost in time...It's a long way home
No place here...It's the life you lead
May be hope...I'll take the time
I don't care...Forgive yourself

If you're convinced that all in life means nothing
Then I can't help you, you have reached the edge...