The Confession

"Forgive me Father, for I am about to sin"
"My God"

Smiling like a glad man
Frowning like a sad man
Feeling like a goddamn fool

It's a con game

And they say that God will forgive me
Amnesty for repenting here

How can he?

Hello father, Father please help me,
Tell me that God will forgive me now!

Listen closely!

Forgive me father I have sinned
I did another preacher in at confession

What's the matter now?
Mr. Holier than thou
Self righteous fool
I'll show you religion

And justice

Was about 3 years ago
I had a daughter, 12 years old
She was my life

My essence

Taught her to obey the cross
The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
And the Good Book

And your type

She became his virgin prize
Dead and raped and sacrificed!
Behind closed doors

In darkened rooms

I'm so sick and tired
Hypocritical liars


So you speak for God here?
What does he say now?
Is he gonna help you?
Will he

Father I see you wanna know what lies behind this icy stare
Don't dig my head for remorse in this, trust me it's not there

I'd rather talk about you and where you fit in this
And why you all act like God and all that pertains to it
You say that you speak in his name but how can you forgive
The rapists and the killers? I don't believe God ever did

What I need to know here is why God only talks through you
I can assure you, Mr. Holy Man, God talks to me too
Just not in a million dollar church with gold frames
He speaks to me any place, to God it's all the same

Have you heard enough information?
Hey father are you afraid of me?

You should be

I've said all that I need to!
Thank you for letting me speak my peace

It's a wonder

Get down on your knees!
That's right you better plead, it's the last time

You will pray

Tell me do, do you forgive me?
Tell me do, do you still love me father??

I need to know
Has my soul been sold?
Is God here with you?
Does he love me?
Does he love me?
Does he love me, too?

Confession's over...