Hold Up

I got no time for silly niggas cause ya'll can feel me nigga I'ma make a milli much quicker than ya could ever figure. What the
deal? Ya'll don't feel how I feel, I keep it real when I see the tow mil in U.S. bills. Jealous niggas try to shoot rocks, but
what they got? E-Town drops jewels non-stop, wait till the album drops. Niggas gonna be riding cock, and watch us knock their
team off the top.

Shut the fuck up, I grew up the fuckin' hard way. Where niggas don't play. Time to get mine become a star, shine, get paid. You
got nothin' to say comin' from the top cause you got no desire. I'm comin' from the bottom, and all I want to do is reach

higher and higher.

Get your weight up son, hold up, before you get your side sprayed up son. Hold up, my whole team is getting paid up front. Hold
up, you best hold your tongue, cause I ain't the one to fuck with.