Weak Link

sometimes my mind fluctuates, from love to hate. cause' i love all ya'll, it's this world i hate. this is my fate. it's
something i just can't control. cemeteries feeling more like home than where i roam. if you could patch this hole that's inside
my soul i think i'd take a shot at growing old. hell no, don't speak. i know i'm weak, i wanna leave.

f-u-c-k the world.

take. take it away. every moment. every day. not a thing you say can take away my pain.

the pain inside makes you afraid of who you see. who you've grown to be. on your knees you pray. pray for the will to take this
all away.

i sit beneath grey skies, close my eyes. cry. watch my world pass by. who am i? second thoughts cross my mind, am i still gonna
try? will the world move on? who's left behind? here's some advice, you've been a pussy your whole damn life. don't turn back
now. don't think twice. you want sympathy? you gotta pay the price. you want sympathy baby? pay the price.