More Than Incredible

i was born in the house of blues,
propelled by the winds of change
entertained by the theater of pain.
born for y'all to scream my name.
i played and bathed both the same in dirty street puddles.
stayed forever in trouble, my mom skipped it, i got licked
and cracked with folding chairs when tempers flared.

i am more than incredible
track record is impeccable, so turn this track up a few decibels
all i'm really trying to do is live and stack a few.. ok maybe
more than a few decimals.

i'm supposed to fall out and lose
but i swear to god i will sustain
my arrogant ass will never change
i'm trying to set the world ablaze and make enough
spare change so i can cop that range
but i understand this, i survived through madness
so if my tactics is brash it's cause i never had shit
i laugh at these so-called "artistic" bastards
they're so afraid of success, maybe cause they can't hack it
i'll take my chances.

decimals. even with them cats that's next to you
i'm bringing wreck to dudes, i'm disrespec-ti-ful
my excuse is that i rep jeruz and plus i really don't expect to lose
my debut is like a spectacle
and your ears are left susceptible
so many hits that i can pick and choose
i'm rocking out like this is was motley crue
and now you goons assume you're stopping who?

i don't think that you want it
i don't think that you do
no, you don't seem to want it do you? na-na-na-na-no-no