You're just like the kid next door
Still too young and immature
You always seem to hang around
When you're not wanted you're always found

Why do you embarrass me
So everyone can see
Us duke it out on live TV

Hey Rocky I hate to say
I wish you would just go away
Don't come back another day OK

What did you come here for
Don't wanna be insecure
It's about time that you went home
So go away leave me alone

(Lead vocals by Dave)

Step Right In

Clap your hands
Stop your feet

Dog Eat Dog said to step right in
Dog Eat Dog said to step right out
Tell me son what the fuck is life about

We search this whole world for love, peace & harmony
But all we found was hate, deceit & jealousy
Dog Eat Dog so come and check the dialogue
Get your brain out of the fog
Vinny Barbarino represent the Sweathogs
All Boro Kings Roadrunner catalog
You could run but you can't get far
No matter where you at, that's where you are

No matter where you from
Don't matter what you do
We got the bangin' beats & you can all get some
It's like a rabid dog infecting you

Explosion I'm moving like motion
I'm gigantic I m deep as the Atlantic Ocean
Feel the force I strike with the iron cross
You're the face of the pale horse
True indeed we plant the seed to infiltrate the
Whole world community
We're taking no slack it's an all out attack
Cuz this time the RZA let us hook the track
Word to god together on a mission so guard your
Tape deck were converting stereos
Ded and the RZArecta tell you one more time boy
Protect your neck