Manipulation Of Faith

Lord we've done thy bidding.
The congregation of light is now relinquished unto thee.
Uncontrollable violent thoughts fuse into their once sane minds.

Drifting into the shadows of the unlight, they sleep.
Act out what once was unspeakable in thy sect.
Once blinded they now see and the truth is revealed.

Turning on their own savior they do thy bidding
And a perfect plan is executed.
Tell them of the futile war they fight.
Profess your manifestation of their Christ
And of thy Lord who governs thee.

Unknown to them is the two worlds you weave between.
They believe you would create an adversary
To higher your plans for the earth
When you are both the good and the evil in this world
And the only one who altercates your plans is your own son.

Soon they will lose to your hoards of angels and demons
And consume the earth with flame.
Given a glimpse of their fate
They awaken from the face of betrayal
And now succumb to your rule.

A revolt in disgust now begins thus foretold.
Once given over by his own people
Their former ruler now awaits his demise.
An ending that will be dealt with by our very hands
We the twelve students of his closest teachings
Will feast on his living body
And engorge ourselves on his blood.

Ingesting the holy flesh to forget of what once was
And of what might have been.