Indulging Dismemberment Of A Mutilating Breed

Bring us closer to the Apostles.
Soon the divine plan will befall them.
Forgive me, your god sent us
He cares not for your existence.
Blame him for you're one of the twelve.

Our presence was foretold
He knew of your end
By throwing us out of heaven
He's sealed thy doom.

For we will dismember all
Who stand behind their Lord's gates
Scream your god has failed you.
Now embrace upon your demise.
A light shines above as I expose your innards
Hanging you by your own entrails
Then we feast upon your corpse.

Stare into my eyes as I sever your head.
Reveal the twelve, you'll live.
Now worship Christ as he hangs there crucified.
Soon the Apostles will share the same fate.
Spread your filth and disease among those
Who believe in your lies and false words
Archangels condemned to suffer.

Preach to me now
For another lies dismembered and crucified.
Remember this as we remove each limb
Leaving you now disfigured.
Your blood now drains, you will sleep forever
And the ones you have sent shall witness
These hideous slaughterings
And drown in their own extinction.
Where is your savior?

Begotten sons sent to desecrate creation.
Brought forth to condemn us
Your reign ends in vain.

For they lay beneath eternally.
Embedding lies with your faith
You've shown with grotesque enlightenment.