Dissecting Thee Apostles

The Apostles are reprimanded
For the knowledge given to them
For they know and have seen to much.
Orders are given out to Judas by Christ's nemesis.

"Judas I have another task for you.
Your brethren, the Apostles must be dealt with
In the same manner as Christ.

Assassination of those who know the truth
Is what will bring a conclusion to the old covenant.
Dismember them Judas, limb from limb.
Eviscerate, rip their innards out, and devour all within.

The remnants shall be engulfed in flames.
They must suffer no more.
You yourself must be destroyed.
My faithful Judas, even you cannot speak of these events.
Go into seclusion, there you will offer me your life
In the same manner.

Show your obedience and disembowel yourself there."
Heeding the words of his master
Judas executes his orders violently.

One by one he slits their throats in their sleep.
He then decapitates and disembowels the bodies.

While Judas bleeds to death
His final act is to set them all ablaze.