Denied Existence

For eons I looked down upon my earth.
Nothing less than disgust is what I have tasted
Ever since the dawn of your birth.

Now I cleanse my savor with the extinction of humanity.
I have given to you the opportunity to mold your own fate.

Yet you abused the privilege.

It is error that brings you to contradiction.
By the very hand that created ye you will be unmade
Wiped clean from the constant flow of time.

Look across your land, the deserts, the forests
The lakes, streams and seas. It is what I gave to you.

And as easily given too is now taken away.
Gaze at the ominous clouds enveloping the earth
Black with a hatred unknown to mortals.
They bring your doom, they bring your expiration.

Scream you fools, for whom do you scream to?
Plead for your lives, it will only make my minions more ferocious.

They already thirst for your blood
And have been eagerly waiting to taste your flesh.

Now all around you your race is dwindling

In utter shock you congeal from the beasts devouring your kin.

The last thing you see before entering the darkness
Is the blood stained jaws that tear your core apart.

I deny your passage into the next realm, you failed to exist
Life is drained and now all is but a defiled memory.