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Consecrating The Reviled - Consume The Forsaken - Disgorge (Usa) - Lyrics -

Consecrating The Reviled

Banished to the dormant catacombs of the unlight.
Wading through infinite torment.
An eternity of pain and torture befalls these helpless souls.

The Apostles now find a new excruciating beginning
Reborn into perdition. Rebirth into filth and disease.

The ruler of Hades basks in their screams.
The futile shrieks of those who believe they will be heard.

It only reminds them of the flames they will know infinitely.
Kneel before me, offer me your soul indefinitely.

For I own your spirits' destiny.
I will now control your most terrifying vision for eternity
And will enter your minds to know your innermost fright.
Welcome to the endless abyss.
Reverent to pure suffering.
It is our rapture to see such agony
In the eyes of weakness.

For where we dwell, here in this black inferno
Bliss is a response not made by exhilaration
But out of immortality and grief.
Now begins your everlasting torment.