With Me Part II (featuring Master P)

do u ever wonder when he
dont come home who he goes to see
why in the middle of the night he leaves you alone(leaves you alone)
he's wit me (repeat)

if i was in your shoes i would of had to let him know
from the first time that he tried to play
beggin my to stay
he gotta let all that go (go)
no you still wanna mess aroud and dont believe
in what you see
while your waiting
your mans at home
and he's okay
and he's right here wit me

repeat chours2times

i wanna call you so bad tell you what's the deal
how we doin
how long its been goin on
and how he anit gonna never come home
i know
what you didnt do to make you stay
too much lovin from a woman
is enough to drive a man away


see s far as i know
he's in good hands
so you can stop
callin onme
say'n have you seen my man
listin to me it anit bright tryin
to make things right (ohh ohh)
certain thing
aint meant to be
and that why(that's why)
he's right here wit me

repeat chours