She Wanted

Come on, uh uh uh uh
Yeah, check check check, yeah
Ay Rob, turn me up a little please
I mean turn the headphones up, the music
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, uh
Check it, check, uh uh uh, come on

1 - She wanted me to freak her from behind
I'm bout to lose my mind, anytime
From the moment she came up through the door
I knew it was trouble I was headed for
Then she told me what she wants she gets
Until she had me, she wasn't gon' quit
She was movin' fast, my feet was movin' slow
That's when I knew I had to let her go

I was at the mall shopping the other day
I met this girl who said she's buyin' lingerie
Uh, but when she spoke
She had this strange look in her eyes
She dropped her bags
And then she turned around and said to me

Repeat 1

But all she wanted

2 - All she wanted was a chance to fall in love
And when she saw me, then she said I was the one
If she want it, she'll tell me, what would you do?
Is this real or is it too good to be true?

Now all my friends thinkin' I'm slippin' off my game
Cuz I'm chillin' with this girl like everyday
But they don't know the things she do to me when we're alone
Cuz if they did, they would be tryna have her for their own

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

She wanted me to freak her
(Sexy young thang)
She wanted me to freak her
(I can't leave ya alone girl)
She wanted me to freak her
She wanted me to freak her
(Ooh, she wanted)

Repeat 2

(All she wanted)
My cell phone's ringing
(All she wanted)
(All she wanted)
Yeah, I'm in the vocal booth
(All she wanted)
Yeah, yeah yeah
(All she wanted)
Not yet, not yet
Alright, okay
Call back in like an hour