(M: Cryonic Temple L: Merikoski / Johansson)

Here I stand as a wall of stone
I'm the one who protects you
Metal armed leather clone
I am here to shock you
Keep away if your aim's not pure
There's no way you can fool me
Feel no mercy you better be sure
You most fight to get trough me

My heart is steel [x2]

All I want to do is standing at the Gate
Guard it with my life, I'll do it ?til I die
You will never know who I really am
The Guardian of light or Guardian of the dark

Here I stand, I don't care why
I just do what they tell me
Have no fear I'm ready to die
You will see what I'm saying

(Repeat bridge)

(Repeat chorus)

(Lead - Both / Ahonen / Collin / Ahonen / Collin / Both / Ahonen)

(Repeat chorus)

(Outro melody - Ahonen)