Back 2 Life

To all my peeps locked down, comin back 2 life
I know it's been a mega zone, since I sen't you this kite
But I had to K.I.M., you know the city don't sleep
Put 50 cents in your commisary, reach you next week
The streets still in a shangle, since we last broke bread
And Baby Ra got left, O.T. two in the head
Seen Black cop the ack, you know his numbers ain't match
He still runnin tack jobs from the days of way back
And look at Jose, is wild now, gave birth to my first child
And they move John back to the Isle
Still tryin to hold my dough to see mom straight
Gotta scribe from Jahard said he maxed a rapper's weight
For a rep to 5-10, before we lock in
Askin how's my rappin, wanna know if I'm still boxin
In the center that's the sum, now he been gone for 12 summers
Round the same time a vapor leather b bombers

[scratched up samples of Mobb Deep's ";Trife Life";]

For the love of money, Red is facin a 8-20
Could of had a 1-3 but the streets were hot and days were sunny
Some niggas stayin runnin for the love of money
Went up to Antarc, slick mix sergeant country

A god a scribe from the god foundation
Same thing nuthin changed, he's maintainin
Just takin everyday, he stay inside and stride
Build a whip, a tard, a nepher, trying to stay alive
Tell the god Ja Rule, I'm comin to see him in the fu'
Next V.I., soon as I finish takin care of B.I.
I see why that nigga Kay be ready to flip
But let him know Rhino's home, fuckin wit the clique, shit
Imagine if Blueman was there, oh my god
I know that's somethin for the ward and the fair
Oh yeah, if you bump into my nigga Rubble
Tell him me and his brother Sigh got the bundle when he come thru

[more scratched up samples of ";Trife Life, and talking]

Told ya moms, tell me stop shittin on me, take the block with my phone
Don't forget about a dog when he away from home
You know I'm trying to blow, but I can still spread love
Cuz he been down for too long, and I ain't seen him in the hood
Plus I always say I'll visit, switch at the last minute
He respect and overstand that I'm takin care of business
But still ain't all, he needs to accept these calls
The one you pass on your way, be the same one you fall
And that's a fact that's been proven till this day it don't pay
To go against the grain and betray family
Plus I just seen Shack he said you change, actin funny
But he don't even wet it, cuz he still gettin money
Son, I be straight, fuckin wit the day from when ya bitch show
Niggas be frontin, but I be reppin bad bro
You know the inside coincide with the out
When I come out, that's half the things we talk about

To all my people lock down, comin back 2 life
We workin hard to bring you home, so we can do this right
I know it's rough in the day, even rougher at night
Hold ya crown, cuz we ready, and we down to fight

[more samples of ";Trife Life";]