Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)

(music by Nergal; lyrics by Krzysztof Azarewicz)

sounds ov the night
are born from the stillness
censer scent ov the sun
attracts the memories
dark shades - eyes
moths - green pupils
burning echo ov your words
in the heart ov possibility
in extra-real surroundings
there are my passions:
simplicity ov stars
royal Art
alkhemy ov Soul, Body, Word
and I transport
spell ov self-love I weave
and I scream
in the fumes ov antiquity
divine past
in solar room
filled with midnight hour
and midday power
inevitable, immovable
with names witch are Many
with secret meaning:
Ko?? O? P?? ON M???

(background lead: Nergal)

we vibrate light
radiate life
on the path to City ov the Sun
angel calls out:
in mysterium coniunctionis deus est homo
and I understand the Burden
ov this journey:
I know, I will
I dare, and keep silence

(Iam facit ipse deos mittitque ad sidera numen - Manilus, Astron. IV 934)

(this song deals with very personal experiences ov occult nature I can't clearly explain to myself. life seems to be unending initiation into its mysteries and the Four Powers ov the Sphinx are the great and first ov all practical keys which open the gates to the most secret and sacred jewels ov the universe.)