A lonely silence has touched the ground
where innocence once felt the sky
In a shadow of a heart gone cold
he pauses and waits for a sign
while sadness and fate pass him by

Through the darkness a voice cries out
and ressurects a life within
Seeking freedom from fear and doubt
a sentence of living with sin
shall fall and a new life begin

Straight into the dawn
the mystery is gone
a vengefull spirit rises free

Speak to me I am not afraid
Hear me I am the truth

I am the one who is destined forever
The stars and the sun will guide me to the sea

The wind is screaming
he claws at the night
The smell of fear is carried in the air
Relentless unfeeling
the pain is in his sight
His vengeance the only care

On and on into tomorrow
a quest into eternity

His spirit portrays everlasting desire
to bring mankind down

On and on into tomorrow
a quest into eternity